DuPont hands its XXIII DuPont Science Award to Dr. Andreu Palou

Macian Palou GrisoliaOviedo,SPAIN — February 14, 2014. – This morning, and at the Board Conference Room of the Hotel de la Reconquista in Oviedo, a press conference was held on the occasion of this afternoon’s award giving ceremony of the XXIII DuPont Science Award. The President of the Jury, Professor Santiago Grisolia and DuPont country leader for Iberia, Mr. Enrique Macián
accompanied the winner, Dr. Andreu Palou, Professor and Director of the Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Nutrition, University of Balearic Islands and Head of Research Group Center on Obesity and Nutrition Network (CIBERobn)”

Within the theme of this XXIII edition -dedicated to the field of Health and Nutrition- Dr.Andreu Palou has been recognized for his scientific contributions in the field of molecular nutrition: the regulation system of body weight (obesity) Leptin and the relationship between diet and (epi) genetic (Nutrigenomics and personalized nutrition), the diet / disease mechanisms related to food Safety and Efficacy, Functional Food, and the identification of health claims on foods and new biomarkers for European substantiation of health claims in food.

Dr. PalouDr. Andreu Palou thanked “the honor that this recognition means to him” and said that “he picks it up on behalf of his research team” adding that “if you want to go far in life, the only way is to walk together”.

Professor Santiago Grisolía, President of DuPont Science Award Jury said that “the specific gravity of Professor Palou as scientist is more than proven, but I really value his disclosing capacity, his work to add value to science within the productive system is a plus that benefits the scientific community in particular and society in general.”

Enrique Macián, country leader for DuPont in the Iberian Peninsula mentioned that “I share with Professor Palou the total conviction that science helps us face present and future challenges. His determinations to help control obesity from different perspectives and his initiative in overcoming so typical R & P (research + publication) and enter fully into the R & D (research & development) are laudable.”

The DuPont Science Award was established in 1991 under the auspices of Professor Severo Ochoa in order to encourage initiatives which make an important contribution to the advancement of science and its applications. For the last twenty-two years, DuPont has been giving the award to Spanish and Portuguese scientists that have contributed with their work to the advancement of science. Along these years, the award has been given to scientists: José Joaquín Barluenga (1991), Andres Maldonado (1992), Manuel Elices (1993), Francisco José Balta (1994), Avelino Corma (1995), Pedro Miguel Etxenique (1996 ), Moses Moran (1997), Carlos Lopez-Otin (1998), Albert Grañena (1999), Juan Modolell (2000), Carlos Martinez (2001), Maria Carmo Fonseca (2002), Manuel Garcia Velarde (2003), Sergio Moreno (2004) Jaume Veciana (2005) Angel Rubio (2006), Nazario Martín León (2007), Antonio Hernando Grande (2008), Rosa María Menéndez López (2009), Luis Liz Marzan (2010), Manuel Martinez Hernandez (2011) and Francisco Tomás Barberán (2012)
You can find information on the foundation, jurors and other details related to the DuPont Prize XXII of Science:

Since 1802, DuPont (NYSE: DD) is a world leader in science and engineering, bringing to the market products, materials and innovative services. We believe that collaborating with customers, governments, NGOs and opinion leaders we can help find solutions to challenges such as providing healthy food to a growing world population, reducing the current reliance on fossil fuels or the protection of people and the environment.

DuPont is present in the Iberian Peninsula since 1962 and counts with a manufacturing site in Asturias, a plant in Valencia and sales offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Seville and Mem Martins (Portugal).

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