Dr. Jordi Salas Salvadó, wins the 24th edition of the DuPont Science Award

imageDr. Salas is Professor at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences in Reus, belonging to the Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Oviedo, 14 November 2014 – Dr. Salas Salvadó has been elected winner of the 24th edition of the DuPont Science Award in Spain and Portugal which theme this year is focused on the Nutrition and Health arena.

After a rewarding discussion about the merits of the candidates, the jury unanimously decided to grant this award to Jordi Salas Salvadó for his scientific contributions in the field of nutrition and for his expertise in various epidemiological, clinical and basic investigation related to obesity, metabolic syndrome own disorders, diabetes and the diet effect in modulating cardiovascular risk factors.

The President of the Jury, Professor Santiago Grisolía considered particularly important his contribution to the Predimed-Plus organization, a multicenter study involving 20 groups in Spain to assess the long term effect of weight loss through trial and Mediterranean diet promoting exercise and behavior therapy on the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease”.

“Dr. Salas is tremendously committed to the popularization of science, either through achieving patents, articles in prestigious journals or collaborations in conferences and lectures. The Mediterranean diet has in him a great ambassador,” said Enrique Macián President of DuPont for Spain and Portugal.

The jury, chaired by Professor Santiago Grisolia, met yesterday to award the prize to the 24th edition of the DuPont Award. The giving award ceremony – with a prize of 30,000 euros-, will be held, as usual, in the city of Oviedo in the first quarter of 2015.

The DuPont Science Award was created in 1991 under the auspices of Professor Severo Ochoa in order to stimulate initiatives in the form of articles or published studies that constitute an important contribution to the advancement of science, and its applications. Over the past twenty three editions has awarded leading scientists of the Iberian peninsula as José Joaquín Barluenga (1991), Andres Maldonado (1992), Manuel Elices Calafat (1993), Francisco José Balta (1994), Avelino Corma Canos (1995), Pedro Miguel Etxenike (1996), Moses Horrillo Moran (1997), Carlos Lopez-Otin (1998), Albert Grañena Batista (1999), Juan Modolell (2000), Carlos Martinez Alonso (2001), Maria Carmo Fonseca (2002), M. G. Velarde (2003), Sergio Moreno (2004) Jaume Veciana Miró (2005), Angel Rubio Secades (2006), Nazario Martín León (2007), Antonio Hernando Great (2008), Rosa María Menéndez López (2009) Luis Liz Marzan (2010), Manuel Hernández Martínez (2011), Francisco Tomás Barberán (2012) and Palau Andreu (2014)


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