DuPont hands its XXV DuPont Science Award to Dr. Fidel Toldrá


Antonio Fernández Rañada, jury member, Fidel Toldrá ans Enrique Macián

Oviedo,SPAIN — January 28, 2016. – This morning, and at the Board Conference Room of the Hotel de la Reconquista in Oviedo, a press conference was held on the occasion of this afternoon’s award giving ceremony of the XXV DuPont Science Award. The Jury, represented by Professor Fernadez-Rañada and DuPont country leader for Iberia, Mr. Enrique Macián
accompanied the winner, Dr. Fidel Toldrá, PhD in chemistry from the University of Valencia and Research Professor at the Food Science Center Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology, from the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).

Within the theme of this XXV edition -dedicated to the field of Health and Nutrition- Dr.Fidel Toldrá has been recognized for the scientific development of innovative technologies with different applications for the food industry and in particular his contribution to improving the nutritional quality and safety.

Dr. Fidel Toldrá thanked DuPont for the recognition that he understands as a challenge to reinforce his commitment with research activities. This award represents also DuPont commitment with science.
Professor Fernandez-Rañada, Jury member of DuPont Science Award said that “Dr. Toldrá is a highly active member of scientific community not only in research arena but alsoin divulgation. He has been collaborating with several research centers all over the globe.”

Enrique Macián, country leader for DuPont in the Iberian Peninsula mentioned that “DuPont has great value for its contributions to improve living conditions and meet the challenges of the people. This has led DuPont to base its efforts in science and research. In recent years we have been committed to improve the knowledge around Nutrition and Health. This is also the corner stone for our award-winning Professor Toldrá, in an area of great current interest such as meat and its derivatives”

The DuPont Science Award was established in 1991 under the auspices of Professor Severo Ochoa in order to encourage initiatives which make an important contribution to the advancement of science and its applications. For the last twenty-two years, DuPont has been giving the award to Spanish and Portuguese scientists that have contributed with their work to the advancement of science. Along these years, the award has been given to scientists: José Joaquín Barluenga (1991), Andres Maldonado (1992), Manuel Elices (1993), Francisco José Balta (1994), Avelino Corma (1995), Pedro Miguel Etxenique (1996 ), Moses Moran (1997), Carlos Lopez-Otin (1998), Albert Grañena (1999), Juan Modolell (2000), Carlos Martinez (2001), Maria Carmo Fonseca (2002), Manuel Garcia Velarde (2003), Sergio Moreno (2004) Jaume Veciana (2005) Angel Rubio (2006), Nazario Martín León (2007), Antonio Hernando Grande (2008), Rosa María Menéndez López (2009), Luis Liz Marzan (2010), Manuel Martinez Hernandez (2011), Francisco Tomás Barberán (2012), Andreu Palou (2013) and Jordi Salas (2014)

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